Dress 98

25 May

Hello, hello, hello. Whenever I say that I envision the coppers from The Pirate Movie when they say that. If you’ve never seen this, look it up. It’s classic!

Anyway, today we have another outfit for Cherry just ‘coz. (You can get her here)

And here’s the pin it’s based on.

This was done completely on the computer. I think the lines are a little thick, but otherwise I’m happy with it. I’ve been using the thicker lines because they’re easier to see, but I think I may thin them down for the next one.

I can feel you asking if all her outfits will be red, but I honestly don’t know.

Anyway, I am setting this up and heading to bed.

Happy Paper dolling!



Ethne Touch Ups

24 May

After Cherry, I decided to change Ethne into colored outlines as well. This wasn’t super hard because I had all the layer files, but it was slightly time consuming.

Anyway, here she is now:

Ethne Paper Doll B by Joleene Naylor

click for full size, then save as

And here are her outfits – be sure to save the full sized versions

dress 44B

dress 46B

dress 48B

dress 51B

dress 53B

dress 58B

dress 63B

dress 69B

dress 74B

dress 79B

dress 86B

dress 92B

dress 93B


To get them click on the images, then save the full sized image. I have also updated their original pages, but thought I’d put them all in one place.

And that’s all for now. Happy paper dolling!


Dress 97 & a new doll!

18 May

I mentioned somewhere that I made a new doll in January, so I decided it was time to share her:

Cherry Paper Doll by Joleene Naylor

As you can see she’s more traditional – aka the colored outlines instead of the black ones. I’ve actually thought about backtracking and redoing all y dolls that way (color replace) but I dunno. I’m pretty lazy.

And what’s a new doll without a new dress? So here is Dress 97!

As you can see, it’s made for Cherry.

And here is the pin it’s based on.

dress 97

I’m reasonably happy with it. What do you think?

And now I better get something useful done!

Happy Paper dolling!




Dress 96

18 May

I’m baaaaaack! Yeah, I know, I have all this work to do – all of these responsibilities – and instead I’m here. I’ve noticed from re-reading old posts that that’s usually the case. I guess I do paper dolls as a way to rebel against the things I should be doing.

Anyway, today’s outfit is for Verchiel.  (You can get him here).

Here’s the pin it’s based on. – yeah, I changed the image on the t-shirt

dress 96

Click for full size, then right click and save as

I also made an open flannel shirt for him to wear, but it wasn’t up to snuff and there was no room for it, anyway. The sunglasses: there’s no way to put tags on them, so you’d need to cut slits in his head and stick those little side wings in them. Like old skool paper dolls.

I should also note that the image on the t-shirt is from vector portal and used under a CC license.

Anyway, I’m happy with this one. I think it looks as good as the hand drawn stuff, and it was all done with the tablet (which did NOT need re-installed for a change!) So that made me happy.

I think my next set may be a surprise.

In the meantime, happy paper dolling.



Dress 95 FIXED

17 May

Okay, okay, so I fixed it. It was easier than I thought it would be to replicate all the layers and what not.

Anyway, it’s still for Jo. (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin it’s based on.

dress 95

right click and Save As

It ended up warmer toned this time because I couldn’t remember my curve settings. oh well.

I also added the hair I had been going to do last night but was too aggravated to do.

Patterns are still from:

Lily_nymph via CC license

Lara 604 via CC license

And now I have work to do.

Happy Paper dolling!


Dress 95

17 May

Rather than do any of the things I should be doing, I decided to try another dress via tablet.

Anyway, it’s for Jo. (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin it’s based on.

dress 95

Okay, there is an issue with the pattern BUT when I went to fix it, it turned out that I had NOT saved the layers (NOOOOOO) and I’m not going to redo it, so it is what it is *sigh*.

Speaking of the pattern, it came from:

Lily_nymph via CC license

Lara 604 via CC license

Maybe someday I’ll redo this, but I doubt it.

Happy Paper dolling!



Dress 94

13 May

Amazing -I’m back! I know, I know. Don’t have a heart attack.

I should have been reading on my book (I have to re-read all 8 of them so I can wrap things up in number 9) but I did this instead.

Anyway, today’s dress is not a dress – it’s a swinsuit and it’s for Katelina  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin it’s based on. (which I think is an advertisement, but such is life)

dress 94

First off the floral pattern isn’t even similar but I like this better.

Second off, I managed to use the tablet 100% for this one. I think for long sweeping lines in future I will use the line tool and stick to the tablet for shorter lines. As a secret I’ll admit sometimes when had drawing them I redo the long lines with the line tool, so there you go.

Not much to report, so I leave you and go to bed now.

Happy paperdolling!