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Vintage 20

29 Sep

Another two fer

drawing time: 1 hour 15 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 2 shading and the hem of the dress
number of layers: 11

I’m late with this because I was too tired this morning to stay up and do it, but I’m still on the right day, at least, so that’s something.

I got the proof copy of Legacy of Ghosts yesterday and started going through it. so far I’ve found several typos and some things that need fixed. Joy. I need to get some Plaid Rainbow cartoons done tonight (They’re a collab I do with Jonathan Harvey – I draw these weird one square cartoons and he makes up captions, like this:

A retro Plaid Rainbow cartoon

Pretty cool, huh? You can read them every Tuesday on his MySpace blog – along with other cool pseudo Inspirationalism.

ANyway, there’s some other to do stuff, but I’ll refrain from listing it all, and instead I’ll get to business.

Today’s dress comes from a Doris Day magic clothes set, published by whitman in 1957. I know nothing else about it, except that yellow and green look bad on Rain, so I changed it to violet.

Click image for full size, then Right Click and Save As.

Changed the buckle from square to round, and that was about it, as I like the drapey look.

Only one more day left of September, and I’m thinking of mixing it up in October with “Costumes”, though I still have some retro clothes I wanted to do, so I don’t know. Maybe I will finish up the last ten retro outfits and then have only 21 days for costumes? Hmmmm…

Okay, have to go get to work!

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Vintage 19

28 Sep

A two-fer to make up for the dry spell

drawing time: 1 hour 5 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: Too many to count
number of layers: seven counting the recolor

Right, so my post a day got ruined. I am very disappointed, but there was just too much; Mom and the father-in-law both in the hospital, Dad only recently left, and then all this stuff to get ready for the book launch, like the contest, etc.  There comes a point where the time just doesn’t exist. Hopefully, though, some of it is taken care of, and I can get back to this. There was a noteable difference in my stress levels the last few days when I haven’t been drawing something every day.

I also got my How to Get a Cheap Book Cover book uploaded to Smashwords, and it can be yours for a measley $1.50 (click the nifty book cover below)

From how to woo your cover artist to simple DIY

Anyway, today’s dress comes from Golden girls, a set published by merrill in 19543 – or so says the site I found it on. It’s another internet find.

Click image for full size, then right click and Save As

I first did the dress in the pale blue of the original, but then a darker blue looked better with the gold. And, of course, I love red, so….. Rain doesn’t look too bad in red. It’s better than the green, anyway.  I took the border off the bottom so the material could be more drapey, and I think I like it better that way.

Okay, off to go have some dinner and get to bed.

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Vintage 18

23 Sep

Same skirt, new shirt 🙂

drawing time: 21 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 0
number of layers: 3 new ones (not counting pre exisiting skirt)

This is the last of my premade ones. Glad I had it, as I just got home from the hospital. Not only are they keeping Mom longer (She has an angiogram in the morning to decide whether she needs a defibrillator) but my Father-in-law was taken to ER with Congestive Heart Failure and breathing problems, and he was finally admitted to the hospital at 3am. No idea what’s going to happen with him yet, but hopefully it is resolved soon.

I’ll be running a contest to win free copies of Legacy of Ghosts starting Friday on my Amaranthine blog (the blog is set to auto post it). Hopefully it will be fun.

Today’s outfit is from the Ava Gardner book, or more correctly, the shirt is. I used the same skirt as yesterday

Click the image to get full size, then Right click and Save As

I’m not completely happy with this one, but it will have to do. No idea if I will have time tomorrow to make another outfit, as I have to make a comic page for the TTTC, possibly go to the hospital, fix and upload Shades of Gray, and a pile of other things. *sigh*

Okay, I’m outta here!

Vintage 17

21 Sep

Peasant Style

drawing time: 47 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: the dots on the lace and the collar ribbon
number of layers: 9

Running late again. I know, I was going to come right back last night, but I had to redo my PDF files for Legacy of Ghosts, and I got a handful of promo images done, like this one:

Or this one:

I still need to put them up on my author blog, and of course the website, assuming the new version ever gets done….

Mom is still in the hospital, though hopefully she will be out tomorrow.

Moving on.

Today’s outfit is from the Ava Gardner paper doll set. It was another internet find, and actually I only copied the shirt.

Click to see full size image, then right click and Save As

I didn’t change the shirt much because I liked it as is.  Of course, I added the skirt; it was paired with a hideous plaid thing on the original page,  that I had no intention of reproducing.

I only have one more left and then I am either going to have to draw another, despite Dad’s presence, or else miss a day….

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Vintage 16

20 Sep

Pretty in pink

drawing time: 45 minutes (including cleaning up the pattern)
times cheated and used the mouse: on cleaning up the pattern with clone brush
number of layers: 8

I’m super late – like almost 24 hours, but not quite, so I haven’t ruined my post a day average yet. Yay.

Not so yay – I’m late because Mom had a.. erm… well not sure what, last night. We had a bbq outside on the deck and after the hubby and brother went to bed, me, Mom and Dad were hanging out when she started having chest pains. I got her a nitro pill, she took it, and meanwhile I went in and woke hubby up to take her to ER. when I got back she was standing up, hubby went to get the car and pull it up closer, and I started around the table to help her walk off the deck when she just fell over backwards, smacked her head on the deck railing and landed with a good thud.  Hubby, being trained in all this stuff, dashed over, while I tried to call 911. I say called because – get this – my phone app, on my phone, force closed after I dialed!

Not the actual error I received (from

yeah! The phone part of the phone CRASHED! WTF!!?!?! But, I used hubby’s phone, called, an ambulance eventually came, she got taken in and is now resting comfortably in Springfield, or as comfortably as you can in a hospital.  Hopefully she will be out tomorrow.  They think it may have been the nitro that caused a sudden drop in her blood pressure, but we’re waiting on test results still.

Okay, to the dress. It’s another one I had done ahead of time, luckily. It’s from the set Lydia, which I got from eBay when I bought my Denim Debbie. The style of clothes are the same as Debbie’s, so I can only assume they’re by the same artist.

Since I own this, I scanned the dress and snagged the pattern, though I had to do a bit of clone brushing to get all of the gray shading out and make it useable.

pretty pink flowers

I also took out the belt and lengthened the, uh, bit at the top.

All right, am outta here for a bit. Be back with another post after midnght.

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Vintage 15

19 Sep

Another two fer.... same dress, different patterns....

drawing time: 10 minutes (it’s just a recolor)
times cheated and used the mouse: 0
number of layers: 11 counting yesterday’s layers

So, dad is still here, though I did get the formatting finished for Legacy of Ghosts and got it uploaded to Create Space today. Yay me! It’s waiting approval, and then I get to order a print copy. Then we went to town and Dad went nuts in the movie section. So after we got home we watched the new Star Trek and all 1 hour and a half of special features.


I think this is the fifth time I’ve seen it, and it was still a good movie.  Though some of the deleted scenes should not have been deleted, particularly the one where Kirk is a kid and he and his brother are arguing with their step father or uncle, or whoever he is. Without it, Kirk came off as a brat who stole the dude’s car but with it, it changes the whole scene dynamics.

See what I mean?

All right, back on topic, today’s is just a couple of recolors from yesterday. I can’t lie. In fact, I didn’t even make them today.  I can admit it.

Click for full size image, then right click and Save As

Gotta go have some dinner now! Ta!

Vintage 14

18 Sep

Another two-fer

drawing time: 38 minutes (a new record!)
times cheated and used the mouse: 2 – shoes and tags
number of layers: 10 (counting alternate color/pattern)

So my Dad is down for a visit, which is nice. Luckily, I got some of these done up ahead of time. I discovered a cool feature today where you can make your whole blog up and set it to post whenever you want. I’m not using it on this blog, but I am using it on my Amaranthine blog to post my book chapter previews for Legacy of Ghosts. It’s pretty awesome!

Today’s dresses – yes, two because I liked both patterns – are based on a dress from a Japanese paper doll set that I found on the internet labeled as Honey Love.  As usual, I know nothing about the real set, except that it’s cute.

Click to see full sized image, right click and Save As

I like the first one better, but the second one was fun, so….

Not real chatty tonight as everyone wants to go to bed. Be back tomorrow!

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Vintage 13

17 Sep

I'll take a martini, please...

drawing time: 41 minutes – a new record
times cheated and used the mouse: 1 – on the pendent
number of layers: 6

So, I’m on time today. I’d have been on earlier, but we got our Vampire paper dolls today, so I stayed at Mom’s longer than usual to start cutting them out.  I’m going to showcase them on my vampire/author blog in a couple of days, and when I do I’ll link to it.

Though, they’re missing one fantastic vampire: Jorick! I realize that Tom Tierney has never read Shades of Gray, but he needs to, because Jorick would have been a gret addition:

One tasty piece of vampire, right here!

Mom thinks I need to make some Jorick dolls for her. Maybe one of these days. it’s not like he wears a lot of different clothes.

I didn’t do much today. I was supposed to edit and draw a comic page for the weekly Terrible Turtle Conspiracy comic, but Jonathan (who writes the comic) was busy today, so we skipped a week, and I had such a headache that I didn’t get much editing done. My dad is coming down for a visit for a few days, so I did some paper doll outfits up so that I don’t fall behind while he’s here.

As for the tablet, we are no longer enemies. Adding the delete shortcut macro key has helped a lot. it was really too annoying trying to flip back and forth with the keyboard (I only have so much lap room), however, it’s not very convenient when I’m talking on messenger or mail chat or whatever.

moving on, today’s dress is from Dolly Dears. It’s obviously a 60’s set, but that’s all I know, as it was another internet find

Click image for full size, then right click and Save As.

Lost the bow and changed the neckline. I probably lengthened it, too, and added the jewelry, of course. Kinda gothy, maybe, but I liked it.

Dog is whining to go out, so will end this here.

Fav song of the moment – “Last to Know”- Three Days Grace

Vintage 12

16 Sep

Who's a cheater, then?

drawing time: 12 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: none
number of layers: 5

Okay, so it’s yesterday’s coat with a recolor and two new arms. I’m behind today, I mean like so behind I am still on yesterday. *groan*

click on image for full size, then right click and Save As

There’s no legs attached to this one, so she can wear it over any of her other clothes, and it’s white so it will match her other clothes, too. Snifty, huh?

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Vintage 11

15 Sep

A bright red coat for Rain for the... well, rain.

drawing time: 51 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 1, on the buttons
number of layers: 5

So, I’m feeling like I’m really late today, but I guess I’m technically only a couple of hours behind. I got a bit ill this morning and at around 3:30 I realized that I wasn’t working and hadn’t done anything for well over an hour but pet the dog and stare at the laptop screen, so I decided it was stupid and just went to bed.  I’m feeling better today – which is good because I have to get that editing done!

Today’s selection is from “modern Dolls” which is another internet find. I know, I need to go through my paper dolls and scan some of those so that I actually have an interesting story to tell once in a while, huh? The problem is that most of my old dolls came to me pre-cut out ala my mother and I have no idea what sets they go to. Like I have these large princess dolls – Amy and Holly – but I have no idea where they came from or what their real names are.

Anyway, this coat is supposed to be a jolly little winter coat. But the wrinkles on the arms make it look more like a rain coat which, considering it’s raining today, might not be amiss.

Click image for full size, then right click and Save As.

I don’t normally like to put shoes with their coats because that always, always bugged me. Your paper doll puts on her coat and suddenly her shoes and pants change, then she takes it off and, magically, she’s back in her other outfit. So stupid. But, as I was coloring away, I realized she had zero clothes that would match a jaunty red coat. A good paper doller would have changed the coat’s color, but I like the red, so instead she just gets boots and the cliché “change” when she puts her coat on.

All right, I am out of here to go do some editing.

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