Vintage 3

7 Sep

It's a two-fer today!

drawing time: 1 hr 27 minutes
times I cheated and used the mouse: 2 (shading, and tassels)
number of layers: 8

So, I never made it to bed yesterday. Surprise! It was Labor Day and everyone had something planned. I finally managed to crash late afternoon, but I only got a couple of hours in, so I intend to be lazy today, and if I’m being lazy, then  my paper doll should too, so I thought it would be cute – and fast – to do a house robe from the set Nurses Three for her….

HA! As you can see by the time up there, it was far from fast. I don’t know what I was thinking – the tassels and the belt were the hardest part. And worse, I kept trying to cut corners to speed things up, which just meant I then had to go back and redo it right. *sigh*.

Click on the image for the full sized version, then right click and Save As

As you can see, I reproduced the original sea green and, though I like the color, I don’t know that it looks good on her. So, I did a recolor:

Click on the image for the full sized version, then right click and Save As

I’d like to lie and say I actually colored this because that might explain why it took so long, but I didn’t. I used the “curves” feature with one one of my presets, hit it twice, and then restored the black.

As for the original set, I have no idea. It’s another I found on the internet. It has some really awesome clothes, though, so it’s definitely going to make a reappearance.

All right, I’m outta here. Lots of work to do tomorrow, including fixing my book cover’, so will be busy, busy, busy.  Joy, joy.

Fav song of the moment – “From Heads Unworthy” – Rise Against


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