Vintage 4

8 Sep

We're going dressy today!

drawing time: 1 hr 23 minutes (not counting the extra arm)
times cheated and used the mouse: 2 (shading, and coloring)
number of layers: 15

So, it’s almost 9am and I’m still up. Am I glutton for punishment, or what? Going to post this fast then run the dog out and head for bed. Yay!

Today’s dress is based on one from the Connie Francis paper doll set.  This is another one I got from the web, so I don’t know much about it.  I have discovered that Connie Francis was a pop singer in the 50’s and 60’s (thanks wiki!) But that’s the end of my information.

Okay, so the drapey stuff gave me a lot of trouble – and I had a fight with the neckline. I originally made it into more of a scoop, but then it didn’t look right. That square neckline is just necessary. In the end, there wasn’t a lot of modifying here, except I made the large gold pin with the dangles into just dangles and added some light reflections on the draped material to make it look more ethereal. Frankly, this was already a good one.

I know. I’m pretty boring today. Maybe I will be interesting tomorrow?

Fav song of the moment – “Re-education Through Labor” – Rise Against


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