Vintage 5

9 Sep

A replica of my very first mod *sniff* Nostalgia!

drawing time: 52 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 3 (shading the top, moving a layer, coloring)
number of layers: 7

So it’s ten am and I’m still up. I know, it’s nuts. I’m sort of waiting to hear back about a book cover. I did two last night instead of betaing chapters for one friend and finishing another’s poetry book. One was approved already, but I can’t stay up all day waiting on the second one, so I will just have to let it go until I get up later. I hate that. I like instant gratification.

We had a nice night though. Hubby took me out to dinner at a pasta place in town, and I had something different for the first time in ten years. I’m not exaggerating. I always order the same dish, because we go there so rarely. But, tonight I mixed it up and had the Chicken Parmesan. Worth it for sure.

Since I was adventurous at dinner, I decided to go safe with the outfit for the day. This outfit belongs to Denim Deb, who was my ultimate favorite paper doll when I was a kid.

denim deb

The shiny "new" version I got from eBay last year, and my old, well loved version Dont'cha love the scotch tape fixes?

Debbbie had just one problem: most of her clothes were hideous, (this is why i used to cut up other doll’s clothes, or reproduce them, because I wanted her to have all the best clothes.) But she had one outfit I inexplicably loved. It was bright yellow with “cherries” on it. But, I didn’t like the bell bottoms, so I cut them off into tiny shorts.

Right click image for full size

So, Rain has the slutty “cherry” outfit that Debbie used to wear with such success. Yes, I know they’re red flowers, but it’s too late. I’ll forever call them cherries, anyway. And yes, since I own this one, I scanned the outfit so the pattern was big enough to snag.  Whoo-hoo for scanners!

Have to take the dog out in the rain and then head for bed. Be back tomorrow with another delightful outfit for my two viewers 😉

song playing at the moment – “Polyamorous Friend” – Breaking Benjamin


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