Vintage 6

10 Sep

Pretty in blue... with crooked *&%$# shoulders

drawing time: 2 hours total – 56 minutes for the final dress
times cheated and used the mouse: too many to count 😦
number of layers: 7

So I thought it would be cute to do a dress from Dozen Cousins because this is my mom’s favorite paper doll set in the world. Seriously. She went through two sets when she was a kid and when was a teenager her mother burned all her paper dolls *cringing*, so I spent my life listening to glowing tales of this amazing set. A couple years ago we found it on ebay for an affordable price, and I’m happy to say she is now the owner of a spiffy Dozen Cousins set, which she promptly cut out.

Right click to see the full sized image and save as

Anyway, if I thought this would be fast I was mistaken. (Yeah, it’s been one of those days!). I went through three or more dress designs because I really wanted that cute little square look to the top, but it just wouldn’t work with her boobs. As you can see, the final dress shape has almost zero to do with the original, but oh well. At least I got the little daisies on it.

As I said, it’s been one of those days. People have been nagging me, arguing with me and just generally aggravating me. And it’s not just people; animals, blogspot, even the internet! Though I did get my comic page posted for the day – at 5:30, aka two hours later than usual – and my blogspot blog changed over. I actually used a pre-made template this time and only edited the width of the post area/sidebar and the top image. I don’t really get CSS and I wasn’t in a mood to fight with it. Besides, people spend hours making these things, so someone should use them!

Okay, it’s almost ten am again. Still haven’t heard back about yesterday’s book cover and I’m going to bed.


Fav songs of the moment – “Re-education Through Labor” – Rise Against & “Home” – Breaking Benjamin


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