Vintage 10

14 Sep

A little evening wear, perhaps?

drawing time: 1 hour exactly
times cheated and used the mouse: on the tags only. Go me!
number of layers: 13

Okay, so I I’m getting better, but I’m also getting carpal tunnel. My wrist seriously aches tonight, even with the wrist band on.  All right, I know it’s not really carpal tunnel, but it still hurts!

I can’t really think of what I did today -oh. That’s right. I spent over half of it with no internet – again – despite the fact that windstream charges 50$ a month now for DSL. Then I fixed up some stuff in my first book (added a plug for the second book and so on) and fought with PDF’ing it. And I voted at the New Covey Awards for the Trailers (I’m a judge there. Cool, huh?) Oh, and we watched the first episode of Merlin, series 3. Is it just me, or is the kid playing Merlin getting funnier and funnier looking?

Merlin (stolen from )

Am I off base here, or does he look like Gollum from LotR? Just a little? I think his main problem is that someone is starving him and so his head is shaped more like a skull than a head, which doesn’t do much for his ears and it makes his eyes sink in so deep as to be  sinister. Maybe they’re doing it on purpose, but I say give the man a sandwich!!

Okay, on to the dress of the day. It’s from the Natalie Wood paper doll set, of which I know nothing about. Yeah, another internet find. Her name stood out because a friend of mine on MySpace did a blog about her a few weeks ago. If I had a link handy I;d share, but alas, I don’t.

Click to see the full size image, then right click and Save As

I had every intention of reproducing the twinklies until I, yet again, accidentally clicked inside the dress with a pattern meant for the inside of the trim. i liked it so much, I left it. The inside of the trim is also a pattern.  I think it’s called Persian gold, but don’t quote me on it. Other than that, I just slimmed and extended the skirt, and the dress was ready to go. I really like this one, personally.

All right off to bed! Have a spiffy day!

fav song of the moment – “From Heads Unworthy” – Rise Against


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