Vintage 11

15 Sep

A bright red coat for Rain for the... well, rain.

drawing time: 51 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 1, on the buttons
number of layers: 5

So, I’m feeling like I’m really late today, but I guess I’m technically only a couple of hours behind. I got a bit ill this morning and at around 3:30 I realized that I wasn’t working and hadn’t done anything for well over an hour but pet the dog and stare at the laptop screen, so I decided it was stupid and just went to bed.  I’m feeling better today – which is good because I have to get that editing done!

Today’s selection is from “modern Dolls” which is another internet find. I know, I need to go through my paper dolls and scan some of those so that I actually have an interesting story to tell once in a while, huh? The problem is that most of my old dolls came to me pre-cut out ala my mother and I have no idea what sets they go to. Like I have these large princess dolls – Amy and Holly – but I have no idea where they came from or what their real names are.

Anyway, this coat is supposed to be a jolly little winter coat. But the wrinkles on the arms make it look more like a rain coat which, considering it’s raining today, might not be amiss.

Click image for full size, then right click and Save As.

I don’t normally like to put shoes with their coats because that always, always bugged me. Your paper doll puts on her coat and suddenly her shoes and pants change, then she takes it off and, magically, she’s back in her other outfit. So stupid. But, as I was coloring away, I realized she had zero clothes that would match a jaunty red coat. A good paper doller would have changed the coat’s color, but I like the red, so instead she just gets boots and the cliché “change” when she puts her coat on.

All right, I am out of here to go do some editing.

Song at the moment – “Historia Calamitatum” – Rise Against


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