Vintage 13

17 Sep

I'll take a martini, please...

drawing time: 41 minutes – a new record
times cheated and used the mouse: 1 – on the pendent
number of layers: 6

So, I’m on time today. I’d have been on earlier, but we got our Vampire paper dolls today, so I stayed at Mom’s longer than usual to start cutting them out.  I’m going to showcase them on my vampire/author blog in a couple of days, and when I do I’ll link to it.

Though, they’re missing one fantastic vampire: Jorick! I realize that Tom Tierney has never read Shades of Gray, but he needs to, because Jorick would have been a gret addition:

One tasty piece of vampire, right here!

Mom thinks I need to make some Jorick dolls for her. Maybe one of these days. it’s not like he wears a lot of different clothes.

I didn’t do much today. I was supposed to edit and draw a comic page for the weekly Terrible Turtle Conspiracy comic, but Jonathan (who writes the comic) was busy today, so we skipped a week, and I had such a headache that I didn’t get much editing done. My dad is coming down for a visit for a few days, so I did some paper doll outfits up so that I don’t fall behind while he’s here.

As for the tablet, we are no longer enemies. Adding the delete shortcut macro key has helped a lot. it was really too annoying trying to flip back and forth with the keyboard (I only have so much lap room), however, it’s not very convenient when I’m talking on messenger or mail chat or whatever.

moving on, today’s dress is from Dolly Dears. It’s obviously a 60’s set, but that’s all I know, as it was another internet find

Click image for full size, then right click and Save As.

Lost the bow and changed the neckline. I probably lengthened it, too, and added the jewelry, of course. Kinda gothy, maybe, but I liked it.

Dog is whining to go out, so will end this here.

Fav song of the moment – “Last to Know”- Three Days Grace


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