Vintage 15

19 Sep

Another two fer.... same dress, different patterns....

drawing time: 10 minutes (it’s just a recolor)
times cheated and used the mouse: 0
number of layers: 11 counting yesterday’s layers

So, dad is still here, though I did get the formatting finished for Legacy of Ghosts and got it uploaded to Create Space today. Yay me! It’s waiting approval, and then I get to order a print copy. Then we went to town and Dad went nuts in the movie section. So after we got home we watched the new Star Trek and all 1 hour and a half of special features.


I think this is the fifth time I’ve seen it, and it was still a good movie.  Though some of the deleted scenes should not have been deleted, particularly the one where Kirk is a kid and he and his brother are arguing with their step father or uncle, or whoever he is. Without it, Kirk came off as a brat who stole the dude’s car but with it, it changes the whole scene dynamics.

See what I mean?

All right, back on topic, today’s is just a couple of recolors from yesterday. I can’t lie. In fact, I didn’t even make them today.  I can admit it.

Click for full size image, then right click and Save As

Gotta go have some dinner now! Ta!


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