Vintage 16

20 Sep

Pretty in pink

drawing time: 45 minutes (including cleaning up the pattern)
times cheated and used the mouse: on cleaning up the pattern with clone brush
number of layers: 8

I’m super late – like almost 24 hours, but not quite, so I haven’t ruined my post a day average yet. Yay.

Not so yay – I’m late because Mom had a.. erm… well not sure what, last night. We had a bbq outside on the deck and after the hubby and brother went to bed, me, Mom and Dad were hanging out when she started having chest pains. I got her a nitro pill, she took it, and meanwhile I went in and woke hubby up to take her to ER. when I got back she was standing up, hubby went to get the car and pull it up closer, and I started around the table to help her walk off the deck when she just fell over backwards, smacked her head on the deck railing and landed with a good thud.  Hubby, being trained in all this stuff, dashed over, while I tried to call 911. I say called because – get this – my phone app, on my phone, force closed after I dialed!

Not the actual error I received (from

yeah! The phone part of the phone CRASHED! WTF!!?!?! But, I used hubby’s phone, called, an ambulance eventually came, she got taken in and is now resting comfortably in Springfield, or as comfortably as you can in a hospital.  Hopefully she will be out tomorrow.  They think it may have been the nitro that caused a sudden drop in her blood pressure, but we’re waiting on test results still.

Okay, to the dress. It’s another one I had done ahead of time, luckily. It’s from the set Lydia, which I got from eBay when I bought my Denim Debbie. The style of clothes are the same as Debbie’s, so I can only assume they’re by the same artist.

Since I own this, I scanned the dress and snagged the pattern, though I had to do a bit of clone brushing to get all of the gray shading out and make it useable.

pretty pink flowers

I also took out the belt and lengthened the, uh, bit at the top.

All right, am outta here for a bit. Be back with another post after midnght.

Song playing at the moment – “Break” – Three Days Grace


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