Vintage 18

23 Sep

Same skirt, new shirt 🙂

drawing time: 21 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 0
number of layers: 3 new ones (not counting pre exisiting skirt)

This is the last of my premade ones. Glad I had it, as I just got home from the hospital. Not only are they keeping Mom longer (She has an angiogram in the morning to decide whether she needs a defibrillator) but my Father-in-law was taken to ER with Congestive Heart Failure and breathing problems, and he was finally admitted to the hospital at 3am. No idea what’s going to happen with him yet, but hopefully it is resolved soon.

I’ll be running a contest to win free copies of Legacy of Ghosts starting Friday on my Amaranthine blog (the blog is set to auto post it). Hopefully it will be fun.

Today’s outfit is from the Ava Gardner book, or more correctly, the shirt is. I used the same skirt as yesterday

Click the image to get full size, then Right click and Save As

I’m not completely happy with this one, but it will have to do. No idea if I will have time tomorrow to make another outfit, as I have to make a comic page for the TTTC, possibly go to the hospital, fix and upload Shades of Gray, and a pile of other things. *sigh*

Okay, I’m outta here!


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