Vintage 20

29 Sep

Another two fer

drawing time: 1 hour 15 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 2 shading and the hem of the dress
number of layers: 11

I’m late with this because I was too tired this morning to stay up and do it, but I’m still on the right day, at least, so that’s something.

I got the proof copy of Legacy of Ghosts yesterday and started going through it. so far I’ve found several typos and some things that need fixed. Joy. I need to get some Plaid Rainbow cartoons done tonight (They’re a collab I do with Jonathan Harvey – I draw these weird one square cartoons and he makes up captions, like this:

A retro Plaid Rainbow cartoon

Pretty cool, huh? You can read them every Tuesday on his MySpace blog – along with other cool pseudo Inspirationalism.

ANyway, there’s some other to do stuff, but I’ll refrain from listing it all, and instead I’ll get to business.

Today’s dress comes from a Doris Day magic clothes set, published by whitman in 1957. I know nothing else about it, except that yellow and green look bad on Rain, so I changed it to violet.

Click image for full size, then Right Click and Save As.

Changed the buckle from square to round, and that was about it, as I like the drapey look.

Only one more day left of September, and I’m thinking of mixing it up in October with “Costumes”, though I still have some retro clothes I wanted to do, so I don’t know. Maybe I will finish up the last ten retro outfits and then have only 21 days for costumes? Hmmmm…

Okay, have to go get to work!

Song playing at the moment – Waiting – Trapt


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