Vintage 21

1 Oct

The dress that took two days....

drawing time: 2 days (lol)
times cheated and used the mouse: a lot
number of layers: 6

Yeah, it took two days because I got sick in the middle, so I stopped, and then I forgot to start timing myself when I picked it back up.

This posting once a day hasn’t gone very well, has it? It’s not the posting, actually, but the dress drawing. I can come up with a few minutes to post. I jus sometimes haven’t had the hour plus to draw.

Let’s see. what to share? Still working on the proof as today was Turtle Thursday. That’s the day of the week I spend drawing the weekly page for the comic/manga The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy. It’s written by Jonathan Harvey and – *gasp* illustrated by me. We had a cool website, but it’s been down for a week or more now, so we’re moving it. I bought the domain name tonight; .  As of writing this there’s no content at that address yet, but I hope to remedy that this weekend.

Anyway, we started Chapter Five tonight

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy

At the moment you can read them on my Myspace – where we have a cool Table of Contents.

Okay, enough of that. remind me to tell you about the lightning bugs tomorrow.

So, today’s/yesterday’s dress is from the Dorothy Provine set – and that’s all I know.  Heck, I don’t even know who she is. I could wiki her, but I need to get to bed so I can get up and get the proof done tomorrow, as well as answer all my emails. (Ah!) Yeah, I have a huge, huge pile. And since yahoo has forced the “new” mail on me, I especially hate it. It’s just too overwhelming for my poor brain. I know that sounds stupid, but….

Click the image for full size, then right click and Save As

Anyway, I shortened it, and that’s about it. I did play with some other colors, and even liked a few of them, but not enough to make it a two fer.  I figure the double ones are handy if someone has saved both version of the dolls. Then they can dress alike, but not exactly. You know, like twins.

OKay, I’m outta here.

Song driving me mad – “Little Boxes” – Pete Seeger


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