Vintage 22

2 Oct

Lookin' very Persephone

drawing time: 1 hour 17 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: 2 0 shading and the hem of the dress
number of layers: 8

I almost didn’t make it today. I was going to do this last night; I even had the outfit picked out, only then my brother came over and wanted me to come watch Dr. who, Web of Fear with him. I started to say no, but then I decided that I hadn’t done anything with him for quite awhile, so what the hell. You have to spend time with people too (though god knows I have a pile of email from people that I haven’t made it to yet – ahhh!)

So, Dr. Who. It’s an old one, and I mean a William Hartnel old one, aka the first doctor way back in the 60’s. It was actually a fairly ambitious episode, considering the effects of the time, as they try to do a planet of giant bugs. however, it does come off as a bit funny because of those limitations:

the Zarbi (from

Anyway, so I did that and finished editing the proof yesterday. Mom is running through the book tonight and then hopefully I will upload the files tomorrow and be done with the paper back version (yay!) Then only Kindle and Smashwords to format and I am done.

Anyway, so today’s outfit is another one from Nurses Three, because I really like the drapey look, in case you can’t tell from the last few selections.

Click image for full size then right click and Save As

I pretty much left this one as is, because that’s how fond I was of it. No recolors because I like it in the blue.

Okay, I have to go serve dinner now, so catch ya all another time!

Song playing at the moment – “Home” – Breaking Benjamin


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