Vintage 23

3 Oct


drawing time: 45 minutes
times cheated and used the mouse: all of it
number of layers: 9 counting the recolors

I’m cutting it close. because of that i completely cheated and used nothing bu the mouse. I’m not proud of it, but that’s the way it is.

The proof editing is finished and I’ve uploaded the files to CS, so waiting for them to approve them so I can order the proof. Then I need to format the versions for Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Then just sit back and wait and see if my five fans hate the book, LOL!

It was cold here today, so all the lightning bugs are probably dead now.  It’s been neat the last several nights because they are hiding out in the grass, like right against the ground, so if you;re out there awhile and let your eyes get used to the dark, pretty soon it looks like this whole field of fallen stars as they blink off and on. I wish I could get a picture that would do it justice, but alas, I can’t.

So, tonight;s outfit is another one from Nurses Three – probably the last of them for this series. i am planning to start Halloween costumes soon. I am going to look at the vintage clothes I have left and see how many more I really want to do vs I just thught would be “okay”.

Anyway, there’s three color choices because I couldn’t make up my mind

Click the image for full size, then right click and Save As

Okay have to go get some more work done. Ta!

song going through my head – “Little Boxes” – Pete Seeger


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