Pinterest Dress 1

23 May

There hasn’t been a post here in years. Literally. But the paper doll mood has struck me again, so I am going to play at it for awhile.

I’m no longer using the tablet – it died shortly after the Dress a Day ended back in 2010 and I’ve never bought a new one. You can tell how well I learned to use it, huh? Not very¬†indispensable. This time I’m drawing with a good old fashioned pencil and coloring it on the computer. So what’s the hard part? They have to be outfits I find on Pinterest.

With the new project are three new dolls: Katelina, Jo & Thane. I intend to bounce back and forth between them. We’ll see how that goes.

Today’s dress is for Jo (You can get her here). It comes from a pin by Jennifer Haber Fishkind

here’s the pin

click for full sized image, right click and save as.

click for full sized image, right click and save as.

You’ll notice she has a hair poof – to use it you’ll have to cut a slit in her head. I was going to mark it on the doll, but I always hate that because what if you don’t want to cut it out? Then you have a stupid black line in their hair.

Not much else to say here, this took a long time today because I had to make all the bases and what not and did the Jo & Thane dolls. Next time will go faster.



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