Pinterest “Dress” 6

30 May

Nothing exciting here. It’s a Wednesday, after all, and what could possibly be exciting on a Wednesday? Hubby brought home some Panera Bread bagels and I am waiting until later to have one with the mother, as hubby doesn’t like them. Other than that it’s book cover work tonight and, if I have time, a trip to habi makeover (this is my Superpoke Pets replacement). Tomorrow I have some beta reading to get back to for an author friend.

Today’s “dress” is for Thane  (You can get him here). He’s torn between amusement and irritation at the “dress” label, but I imagine after a glass of Scotch he’d lean towards the first.

here’s the pin

Click for full size, right click and save as.

Click for full size, right click and save as.

As I said last night, I wasn’t subbed to any men’s clothes folders, so I snagged the pin from Thane’s creator from our shared board. I’ve  remedied the situation, though, and am now following a couple of men’s clothing folders, so Thane has as much chance as the girls of finding an outfit of the day. He’s thrilled, I’m sure.

All right, I have to get to work, but it’s been fun. Have a great night, all!



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