Pinterest “Dress” 10

3 Jun

That flooding I mentioned last night turned out to be quite severe. We have to vacate the apartment for a few days so the landlords can go in and fix things; they’re probably going to have to gut the bathroom, they have to replace the bedroom carpet, the kitchen cabinets, and possibly the flooring in the kitchen and living room as well. Yikes! Needless to say we have to move all of our furniture out and have to find somewhere to stay for a week or so. My Step-mother-in-law was nice enough to say we could stay with her, and we’ll have to farm our pets out to various places – she does not have a cat friendly house – but I think we’ll manage. The big problem is going to be no internet, because she doesn’t have any. I have some outfits pre-drawn, and saved the images they’re based on, so I may color them in as the days go and then use my cellphone to post. It’s a pain but doable. I wouldn’t want to do a lot of posting with it, though.

Anyway, today’s “dress” is for Thane  (You can get him here). I noticed last week that the Thane post was not as popular as the clothes for girls. Interesting. Will see if this one fits the same pattern.

here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and Save as

Click for full size then right click and Save as

He has some sunglasses, as you can see. I couldn’t find any other way to add tags to them (I say tags, though I notice “tabs” seems to be the more popular word for it. I’m stubbornly sticking to tags, however, as I grew up calling them that.)

Oh, and I won my ebay dolls. Yay! At least something is going good.



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  1. Pinterest Dress 11 | Paper Doll Dress a Day - June 4, 2013

    […] Maybe I’ll make her some sunglasses later, then she and Thane can hang out in their shades (see yesterday’s post for Thane’s snazzy sunglasses). […]

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