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13 Jun

Missed a day and this one is late because we have been moving and unpacking like mad. ell, we have been moving and *I* have been unpacking. I had everything pretty organized then we brought a real load yesterday (I finally went with them and *I* did all the packing in boxes and directing and – wowsers – we brought a FULL load – might save some $$ on gas if they did that every time, which of course they won’t.) But, the old biddies are dropping some kind of highly toxic “bomb” – again – and I want the last of my stuff out before they do. They did one the other day – supposedly to kill mold spores – that ruined part of my furniture. it turned all the varnish tacky, meaning everywhere it was touched left prints or smears. Luckily hubby noticed it pretty fast so the damage was minimal. It has set up now, so it’s no longer sticky, and I don;t want what furniture is left to have to sit for three days – again – to let the varnish solidify. by the way, they are also kicking out a guy two apartments down from us because, and I quote, “his truck is dirty”. This is also illegal and they better be careful because someone is going to sue their butts.

Anyway, using my pathetic edition of foxfi, so here is today’s outfit for Jo  (You can get her here).

here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

The texture on her jacket is just a PSP default. She refused the ripped up jeans – she felt it would ruin the ‘professional” look, so she got her way. I figure she can also wear this one to work, too.

And now I have to get to work. Will post something for Thane tomorrow.



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