Pinterest Dress 21

16 Jun

We started sorting storage today and then the rains came. I saw on the news this evening that it flooded in Springfield – nine inches in two hours. Anyway, we got some stuff done around here and the guy came and fixed the dryer. Yay! Clean laundry! The main complaint I have is book cover people. I have pretty much zero time – which they know – and then the last three I have worked on have walked mid cover for various reasons – one decided not to publish, another  has a publisher interested, so she can’t go ahead with the cover because her publisher might want their own, and a third had contacted multiple artists and went with another design – meaning none of those three paid me or will pay me. Meanwhile I spent what little work time I had on their covers, which are now unusable except to be reworked and filed in the “rejected” folder with the hope someone else will want them later. I am fed up and ready to say *&^% it – no new clients. That was time I could have spent on repeat clients who WILL pay me.

On a better note, today’s dress is for Katelina (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

dress 21

I’d guess that she borrowed this ensemble from Torina. It looks like Torina’s speed.

I stayed up last night to color that one, but I’m not staying up tonight so I may not post tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. If it rains all day I may have time.

Have a good one – and don;t contract people to do graphic work for you unless you plan to pay them for their time – whether you use their stuff or not!



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