Pinterest “Dress” 23

19 Jun

Okay, I missed a day and this one is over twelve hours late BUT at least it’s here.

Moving continues. You wouldn’t think it would take THIS long, but combining two houses, washing everything we own and sorting through storage is a long, grueling process. On the plus side I have the kitchen pretty much done (unless Mom finds more things in storage she wants or the brother decides to bring something else) and the front room is almost done. Our couch was ruined and the brother’s couch would be better off set on fire, so we don’t have one right now. In the meantime we’ve got the dog’s huge crate where the couch will go and we sit on the floor in front of it to eat dinner and watch an episode of Monk a night. Fun times, LOL!

Enough rambling,  today’s “dress” is for Thane  (You can get him here).

For some reason I can’t use the address as a link anymore… ugh.

So here’s the pin 

Click for full size, then right click and save as

Click for full size, then right click and save as

There is a bit of denim texture, but it’s hard to see. I took a break today and walked down to the girl scout park so I colored this one and the one I’ll post later tonight while I was there. I learned that shiny laptop screens + outdoor settings = blindness. So I wasn’t really able to see much of what I was doing. it looks okay, though, luckily.

Need to post this then get back to that stack of boxes in the kitchen.



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