Pinterest “Dress” 26

22 Jun

We’ve moved all the animals in, though there’s still a lot of moving to do – we have to move all of the furniture and belongings into my brother’s bedroom, a bunch into my mother’s, and some into the rest of the house including a stand and maybe a pair of chairs, as well as random crap like bathroom stuff etc. Anyway, they’re all doing fine except the two dogs. Fido (the lab mix) is out to get the chihuahua and I don’t know what to do about it. We’ve been squeaking the hedgehog squeaky toy at him (he’s afraid of this thing – seriously, it’s so weird) every time he growls or what not, and been keeping them separated by keeping one dog shut up, but eventually we’ll have to stop that. i just hope they can learn to get along again like they used to.

Moving on,  today’s “dress” is for Thane again  (You can get him here). He has a couple more, Jo has one and Katelina has one, then it’s drawing time. Crap

here’s the pin 

Click for full size, right click and save as

Click for full size, right click and save as

I’ve noticed Thane’s clothes tend to have a lot more texture than the girls’. I’m not sure if I add the texture because I think the outfits are boring, or if men’s clothes really do have more texture than women’s. I kind of think it may be the latter one. Interesting. Probably because men are supposed to look more “rugged”, so thick, heavy textures look “tough” on them, while smooth textures suit the slim, silky, sexy female persona better.

Okay, I have to get back to work looking for an image that represents overcoming your past… fun times.



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