Pinterest “Dress” 29

28 Jun

Missed a couple days *sigh* but got a lot done. A few more loads from the brother’s house to the storage unit and we’re be done. Yay!

Dad went home this morning. it was nice to see him. maybe next year or the year after we can move up to Iowa and see him more regularly. That would be nice.

Lots of yadday-yadda-yacking i could do but think I’ll skip it except to say there’s been a rash of car break ins around here – or at least *our* cars, anyway. The neighbor said his car got broke into buuuuuuutttt being the paranoid person I am, did it really, or did he make that up to cover the fact that he or one of his friends broke into ours? It’s a group of 17-20 year olds who are in and out; there’s always a crowd and god knows what they’re doing. I try not to be an age-ist old fogey and assume all kids are doing drugs and running wild, but I think this group actually IS, so….

Anyway,  today’s “dress” is for Thane  (You can get him here). It’s the last one so unless we get some scanning going on it may be awhile before I come back.

Here’s the pin.

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

Lots of fun texture again. The jeans are the texture from D. Sharon Pruit again. I’d find the link but I have to take a set of washer/dryers to the B.A.M.A. store and then get to work.

Have a good one, all!



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