Pinterest Dress 31

30 Jun

We got everything moved out of the brother’s apartment yesterday – yay! There’s still some stuff in the trucks that needs unloaded and brought in, but at least we don’t ever have to go back there. Thanks God – I am sooooo sick of moving. There’s still a bunch to sort and clean and put away here, but at least it’s *here* and not there. Still need to do some change of addresses and such, too, though we have mail being forwarded for awhile. I think it’s six months or something like that.

I’ll be sad to give the mother-in-law back her expedition – we’ve been borrowing it to move as she rarely drives it since it guzzles gas. I’ve gotten used to the behemoth and am not looking forward to going back to our sad little car (we need a new one once everything gets straightened out – we’re thinking of looking in September). Ah well, at least gas will be cheaper.

Enough drive. Today’s outfit is for Jo  (You can get her here). originally I saved the pin number for Katelina, but changed my mind when I went to draw it.

Here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

You can see I used her long hair for the preview. It comes on the page with the doll. Also the flower pattern isn’t even  close to the original, but I like it anyway. I used preset shapes that I bought from graphisxtras a year or two ago. Love them and have some more I want to get one of these days.

Okay, Have to go do some carpet cleaning and get to work. Fun, fun.



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