Pinterest Dress 32

1 Jul

Thought I’d do this while I have my breakfast (half of a chocolate muffin – yummy). Mom and Chris are arguing about notifying the previous landlords, so it’s fun times here. We have to clean this place up today. They seem to think I plan to clean all day but I’m really only planning to vacuum and do some basic stuff and then get back to unpacking and sorting – which isn’t much better than cleaning, but we need to get it done.

had some excitement last night. Someone was lurking around by the cars when I took the dog out. Hubby and the brother went running out and whoever it was was gone by the time they got there, but the guys had fun being macho. Think we need a shotgun and some bird shot and have someone sit out there and catch whoever it is breaking into the cars.

Enough chatter. Today’s dress is for Katelina (You can get her here).  the long hair in the preview shot is from dress 17.

Here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

It’s another gothy dress and I can’t imagine her *really* wearing it unless she had no other choice. Let’s assume she had no choice and someone stuffed her in it. mainly it was just cute.

I have two more predrawn and then I am going to go back to drawing them one a day. Yay! Some semblance of normalcy!

Have a good day, and watch out for arguing family members.



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