Pinterest Dress 33

2 Jul

We got the front room almost done. There’s a couple of things left to do; like hang some pictures and my paper lantern and deal with the box of rocks (yes, I collect random rocks), and then it’s on to the kitchen. But, the place is looking better, anyway. I have a couple of book covers I need to work on – four actually but two of them are detailed artwork, so I’ll just wait and take a whole day for each of them in a week or so – and I need to do some advertising for my books. The sales have dropped to almost nothing since I have been officially missing from the internet. *sigh*.

In interesting tidbits, the neighbor came back (he and his GF were fighting, I think, or something. Anyway, he was gone and she was on the porch bawling) and so he mowed (the landlord pays him or takes off the rent or something for him to do this), which was a good thing because the grass was getting tall. His name is Beau, so we had a little rhyme going: “Beau, Beau, needs to mow. Please Beau, please, please mow. Go, go, Beau go mow. Mow, Beau, mow.”

Enough yack. Today’s outfit is for Jo  (You can get her here). It looked kind of ocean inspired to me.

Here’s the pin

Click for full size, then right click and save as

Click for full size, then right click and save as

She got a new hairdo, which actually was inspired by another pin called mermaid hair because, as I said, the dress looked ocean-y and what goes better with the ocean than mermaid hair? The colors don’t quite “do it” on this monitor anyway, but I hope they look better on a real one.

And now I must go get the day started. Have fun, all!



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