Pinterest Dress 36

6 Jul

Missed a day, but I got a bunch of book cover work done. Yay! Sold three, I think, just waiting on the payments to come through. Right now I am sitting on the back patio being inundated by bugs. “We’ll have fewer bugs in town,” he said. “We’ll be able to sit outside,” he said. “It will be nice,” he said. HA! There are more bugs here – and more birds, and squirrels and bunnies and dogs and you name it – then there ever was out at the old place. And all the bugs think I am their friend and LAND ON me! They’re lucky I am busy making up karma for accidentally killing a centipede… okay, I killed it on purpose because I saw the thing running with lots of legs and shouted “is that a silverfish?” People shouted “Yes!”, so I squashed the thing, then they said, “No, no! It’s a centipede!” Well, too late.  However, as I don;t wish harm to centipedes (I had never actually seen one before!), I am repenting. *sigh*

Onwards. Today’s dress is for Katelina (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

As you can see this is a dress from 1817 – so who knows where she got it from. maybe that store in the Citadel, or maybe some old vampire loaned it to her. I dunno, but it was fun to do!

Battery is running low and the dog is getting yancy and wants to go back in (weird I know) so have a good one all!



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