Pinterest Dress 37

7 Jul

Running behind today because we stayed up late last night watching The Great and Powerful Oz. I thought it was fun, though I had a hard time liking Oz because he was such a… well, self-centered ass springs to mind. The fun part was when other people watching the movie would say “Do you think such-and-such will happen?” and of course we already *knew* what would happen because of the Wizard of Oz. Then hubby and I had a ghost encounter.

We took the dog for a walk, and as we rounded the corner, there was a thin, pale woman with long black hair, wearing a long black dress in the front yard of the neighbor’s house taking big white sheets down off of a close line. We scuttled around the corner, then had to make a run to wal-mart. When we went by again she was sitting on the porch, her head in her hands, her basket next to her. Now, she may not be a ghost, but rather a pale, thin, long black dress wearing woman who lives there, but if so she has never been out in daylight for the whole month we’ve been here as there has only been a couple of chunky women in and out of the place. Very peculiar.

Moving on, today’s outfit is for Jo  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

click for full size, right click and save as

click for full size, right click and save as

Thought about giving her a new hairdo, but I’m behind. The lace on her sleeves is actually a pattern, then I deleted out the blue from it, and used find edges, then adjusted the curves and voila! There it is. Snazzy, huh?

Okay, got to go. Lunch is done then I have to help the brother get the starter out of his truck. Fun, fun.

Have a good one!



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