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11 Jul

I’m almost late today. Been working on book covers aaaaaaalllllll day, even though it’s house cleaning day, so that means after I post this I have to do my share of the cleaning. We have it divided up between the four of us where it’s not too bad, though.

I did sell three book covers today though, one for a poetry book, one for memoirs, and one for a story about an american who gets into trouble in a temple. Sent several others off for approval, so cross your fingers. Tomorrow I have a manuscript to edit and I’m hoping to get the holiday decorations disaster sorted, too. I think I need to get up earlier.

Well that was boring so on to something interesting. Today’s dress is for Katelina (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

Click for full size image then right click and save as

Click for full size image then right click and save as

This is normally an outfit I would give Jo, but that’s not fair since Katelina would wear it too. I admit, I like the Jo doll better because I don’t hate her feet the way I hate Katelina’s, LOL! Okay, and I think she’s slinkier, but she’s also totally unrealistic, while Katelina is based off of a real woman (I did thin her down a bit, I admit) so i guess it shows I like the slinky fantasy world better than reality.

Gee, not much of a revelation 😉

Hubby is home. Off to walk the dog and then clean. Have a good night, all!



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