Pinterest Dress 43

15 Jul

I missed yesterday because I got sick and so never got back to the laptop, though I had the pin picked out. I went ahead and did it today, though it is another “from the back” outfit, meaning I had to design the front. I always like that, and chose it because I wanted to make that hairdo for Jo.

Speaking of yesterday, we went to see The Lone Ranger, which I hear a lot of people don’t like.  I personally thought it was fine, despite what the article calls “plot holes” and just assumed those were where the old man Tonto had embellished things, as old men are wont to do. I also found the battle between the native Americans and the Cavalry to be rather true to life, and thought it was nice to see a bit of reality in the western genre instead of sugar coated crap where the Indians are either our ‘good buddies’ who ‘rely’ on white man, or else mindless evil savages. I won’t continue on, but I could.

The funnest part was we saw it in theater five, which I did not even know existed. It’s the size of a closet (okay, not really, but it is VERY small – there are four rows of seats, and each row has *maybe* ten seats in it and the screen is the width of my Mom’s bedroom (which isn’t large). Though there were fifteen people there, counting us, so that’s pretty good considering how few I normally see at the movies when we go – usually more than two others is a crowd.

Okay, enough rambling. Today’s outfit is for Jo, as I mentioned  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

Thought it was a fun one – as I mentioned I really liked that hair and for once I was happy with how the drawn hair came out. Yay! I went ahead and gave her the padded purse too just because. I guess she likes purses.

Okay, have two manuscripts to edit, so gotta go. Have a good night!



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