A New Doll!

16 Jul

I haven’t done much. Been editing a manuscript slowly (it’s going slower than I planned) and have work piling up around my ears. There’s no human way I can get it all done. But, *deep breath* I will, just not as fast as people like.

No dress today, instead we have a new doll; Ethne!  I like the way she turned out; kind of cartoonish. And for a change I *like* her feet!

Ethne Paper Doll B by Joleene Naylor



Ethne looks a bit like a witch to me; one of the fun, fairy tale kinds, that is, and I made her because my mother keeps finding all these fun, but totally out there outfits that Jo and Katelina refuse to wear. Ethne isn’t as picky and she’d happily appear in a fairy tale dress made of leaves or in green knee socks and red high heels. I don’t know how many outfits she’ll end up with, but it should be fun, either way.

She has her own page, like the other dolls, that you can check out here.

Oh, and if you’re interested, Ethne is an Irish name and means “little fire”.

Have a good day!



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