Pinterest Dress 44

17 Jul

Well it’s been one of those days all the way around. I am fed up with people at the moment and ready to say chuck the whole human race and move into a hermit cave somewhere. I have these moods, and then they are exacerbated by idiots. I won’t get into it, but let’s say I am irritated. of course tomorrow or so I will open my email or what not and find a lovely message from someone that will renew my faith in human kind. Or at least I usually do.

Had a funny story, but I have forgotten it now, so onward.

Today’s outfit is for Ethne  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin – it’s one Mom found.

dress 44B

Click for full size, then right click and save as

The patterns aren’t quite right, but then they never are. I should have used a deformation layer on them so they would look wrinkled and what not, but I am short on time.

Off to the store then to walk the dog. Fun times. have a good night, all!!

PS – I realized who Ethne looks like – a young Molly off of The Last Unicorn. Well holy smidgets.



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