Pinterest Dress 46

20 Jul

I missed yesterday. Actually, I drew this dress yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to scan it or color it. We went to Springfield and did grocery shopping instead, then when i got home it was house cleaning day and by then hubby was home, so that was the end of that.

Speaking of hubby, the smoker we won from the Mt. Dew/Pepsi Iconic Summer arrived. I was expecting some tiny little thing with Mountain Dew’s logo plastered all over it – but it’s HUGE and only has Mt. dew written on the handle. So we got a chunk of beef and hubby smoked it. We made it into sandwiches last night and it was quite good. He’s feeling very proud. My sweet rolls, on the other hand, were not as much of a success. The frozen/fresh did not make much of a difference once it was baked, but this oven cooks funny and half of the pan was still doughy. I stuck them back in and now they’re too brown and STILL a bit doughy. Obviously the oven cooks hot, I just need to figure out HOW hot. *sigh*.

I could go on with tales of the vampire neighbors, but we’ll call it good. Today’s dress is for Ethne  (You can get her here).

I’d show you the pin BUT… Okay, i found it yesterday before we went shopping. When I came home I stupidly hit refresh and got the “we can’t find this pin” page instead, so I drew it from memory. Needless to say my memory was off, I’m sure, and then I got creative and added some sparkles.

dress 46B.png

click for full size, right click and save as

I like the results, anyway.

It’s thundering so better walk the dog and then it’s lunch time. Have a good one!



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