Pinterest Dress 47

21 Jul

Bet you thought I was going to miss today, but ha! I made it.

Today’s culinary experiment was raspberry dark chocolate banana bread – and it came out beautifully. I took photos, but haven’t taken them off yet. Kind of pointless to mention it except that I will soon torture people with photos on my personal blog. I am determined to take some time off to do some blogging or else.

Other than that I worked on book covers and searched for paint shop pro preset shapes I could download. I was so upset because I found some amazing shapes, only they are no longer available – or the links no longer work, anyway. I left a comment on the blog, but I doubt she’ll answer me as she hasn’t posted there since 2011. 😦

The landlord was here today and mowed since Beau has not done it (no idea what is going on there) and he also dealt with the trash pile – ah, a fun story. We share the dumpster with Beau and Co. next door. Every week the thing is crammed FULL with all different kinds of garbage bags; white, black, clear, self tie, twist tied, etc. Either Beau and Co. have a lot of different types of garbage bags, or they’re letting their friends throw their trash in there too. Anyway, so last week the dumpster was so full that they stacked trash all around it, too, because there was no more room for it to go. Tuesday day came and the garbage  guy dumped the dumpster but left all the trash on the ground. Did Beau and Co. throw the trash in the now empty dumpster? Nope. So finally yesterday the smell – which is quite pungent and blows in my windows and across my patio – got to be too much, so I decided I’s do it – only the dumpster is FULL – already, even though as of yesterday it was three days until garbage day. Not only did this leave a gross smelly mess, but it leaves us with nowhere to throw our garbage, either. We’ve been discussing paying the garbage company to haul our bags off this week because there’s no where to put them. Anyway, so now the mess is gone and the dumpster is empty. I don’t want to complain about Beau and Co. coz they seem like nice people and all, but this is getting a bit old as they fill it up every week.

Okay, enough about trash. Today’s outfit is for Jo, as I mentioned  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

I like this one. The denim texture is the same one I have been using by D Sharon Pruit.

Okay, have to take the dog for a walk, so ciao!



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