Pinterest Dress 49

24 Jul

Not much going on in the fascinating world of Bolivar. The other night hubby and I were walking the dog when all of a sudden there was a bright blue light in the sky and this loud, electric kind of “whuuumm” noise. Then another brighter flash of light, and the noise again. Given the area, we decided it was aliens and chose not to investigate until we got close to home when we heard a bunch of sirens. Of course, now we had to know what it was (as if police cars might save us from aliens), so he grabbed the scanner while I threw the dog in the house. Turned out an electric pole on the edge of town (quite a way away from us) shorted out and caught fire. We drove by and could see the pole burning from the highway (no pics, didn’t think to grab the camera). All the streetlights and stop lights  were out, so they had to get the fire and police to do traffic control at all the major intersections… anyway, it was interesting.

The neighbors are outside breaking things. I mean that literally. They have been at it for days. Earlier they were smashing apart an old stereo. I have no idea, and I don’t want to know.

Onwards, today’s dress is for Katelina (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

Click for full size, then right lick and save as

Click for full size, then right lick and save as

The pattern doesn’t match the pin, as you’ll notice, but I liked it anyway. I used a CC pattern by Uhuru1701 on Flickr, changed the color to blue and of course attempted the mirroring portion. As I said, it’s not the same as it would be if I had hand drawn the pattern, but I am in a bit of a hurry as I am running behind.

On that note, I am outta here. Have a good one!



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