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25 Jul

Hubby is off today, so I am running very late. Today’s baking experiment was chocolate chunk brownies, though instead of chunks we used milk chocolate chips (because I had a bag in the cupboard) and they turned out okay. Think they could have cooked a little less, though, but otherwise all was good.

the big news around here is we got a new patio set (yay!) today. I took pics but haven’t taken them off or uploaded them yet (Flickr was down all day for maintenance anyway). The patio looks much nicer now without the clunky, fifteen year old plastic table. Though my table umbrella is broke, so we need to get a piece of aluminum and hubby thinks he can fix it. We also need an umbrella base with this table, and then I will finally have my umbrella and table set up I have been waiting years for. Double yay! Why an umbrella? I don’t know. Probably a product of 80s television, but if you have a patio I think you need an umbrella’d table.

Anyway, today’s dress is for Katelina again (You can get her here). i know, I know, Thane needs some clothes, but this dress was so cool!

Here’s the pin

Click for full size, then right click and Save As

Click for full size, then right click and Save As

The engravings on the bottom of the dress came from wiki commons here, here and here. I put them on their own layer, used a “darken” layer style and then colorized them red. Took a bit to figure out but the end result was pretty snazzy, I thought.

On that note, I am outta here. Have a good one!



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