Pinterest Dress 57

15 Aug

And I’m back – and freezing. It has been the coldest August I can remember. ’97 had a cool June and July but by August that year we had heat waves. Not so this year, and since the month is half over, I think it’s more likely we’re just going to slide into winter. Brrrrr.

It’ll be time to bring the hibiscus in soon.

Speaking of it, the flowers keep snapping off. they bloom, last a day or two at the most them pop off. Internet search said it’s either lack of fertilizer, pests (none of their suggested other symptoms seem to fit, though) or dramatic temperature changes. Since it’s 63 degrees F at night, I think it’s the last one. But today we finally managed two flowers at once! It’s quite pretty so i went photo crazy on it. I just need to get photos uploaded.

I actually did upload a few the other day but I don;t think it was anything interesting. I didn’t get much done on the pc yesterday because I made two loaves of banana bread (one for us and one to mail to a friend), repotted some mums (got three for when we have to bring the other flowers in off the patio) and various crap like that. Have to clean today.

Enough boring crap. Today’s outfit is for Jo,  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin

Click for full size then right click and save as

Click for full size then right click and save as

Thought it came out well, even the ugly boots.

And now I am off to do email for a bit. Fun, fun. have a good one!



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