Pinterest Dress 58

16 Aug

Well, so much for mailing the banana bread – 20$ to ship it! Seriously! How crazy is that? So I’m just going to eat it myself and make her some (lighter and smaller) cookies that should mail for a fraction of the cost. *sigh*. Oh well, I didn’t know if they would like it, anyway. Spritz cookies are guaranteed. Everyone likes spritz cookies.

Got Mom’s curtains hung today and gathered half a bucket of walnuts. Of note is a mysterious hole that has appeared in our driveway/alley. Hubby is concerned it’s a sinkhole and one day we’ll all fall in to it. I usually don;t agree with his odd paranoia, but this is weird as it is right at the edge of the cement slab and seems to extend a long way underneath it – we “filled” it with rocks yesterday and could watch them slide in and under, then today it was gaping again, so I have kicked some more rocks into it. We’ll see, I guess.

meanwhile, today’s dress is for Ethne  (You can get her here). It was just too cool not to use.

Here’s the pin

dress 58B

click for full size, then right click and save as

Yeah, this one is HUGE! It was so wide that I had to put it on a wider canvas than usual… but it’s pretty, I think, so worth it.  Lots of glitter brushes going on.

Now time to do some work or whatever, have a good one!



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