Dress 73

19 Sep

I missed last night because I never made it back to the laptop after grocery shopping, dinner, and watching Smackdown. It happens.

Anyway, today’s outfit is forJo again. (You can get her here). I think I am supposed to be going back and forth equally, but I don’t remember the original goal, so I just do what I feel like and this dress HAD to be done and since Katelina JUST got a fancy dress it was Jo’s turn…

Here’s the pin

Click for full size, then right click and save as

Click for full size, then right click and save as

I think it’s safe to say that this is my favorite dress on the entire site. The velvet worked beautifully and I’m really quite proud of this. The next one (that I have ready to go) isn’t nearly as good, but that’s always the trouble with pulling out something awesome – it’s hard to top. The guy who made The Sixth Sense knows all about that. Ha ha! Seriously, his movies since have been okay, but after each one we turn to one another and say “That was no Sixth Sense.” And it’s never going to be. Poor guy.

And now I leave you. Happy Paperdolling!



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