Dress 74

20 Sep

I’m going to go ahead and post this early today because it’s Night of Champions tonight (WWE payperview) and my Uncle is coming over and we’re having a mini-party as usual, so I may not get back on.

Today’s dress is for Ethne  (You can get her here).

Here’s the pin it’s based on.

dress 74B

click for full size, the right click and save as

Of course the lace is not the same – in the original it’s flowery but I just used brushes I already had. i do think it needs “something” in the middle where the bodice meats the skirt – like a big snowflake or something. Oh well, it’s pretty as is.

I have six more of these drawn and three colored – it gives me something to work on at night while Dad is watching TV (This used to be my writing time because I stayed up alone, but with the TV on I can’t concentrate to write. I need to learn how to if I ever want to work on my book). Last night we watched Exploding Sun, which wasn’t too bad, though a bit terrifying if the science is at all correct (I haven;t looked into). It reminded me a bit of The Knowing, though it has a better ending.

And with that I am off for lunch. Happy Paper Dolling!



3 Responses to “Dress 74”

  1. Juli Hoffman September 20, 2015 at 6:50 pm #

    Pretty dress! It’s rough when your routines get screwed up. Sometimes, you just need to be able to hear yourself THINK! I get that. Take care!! *HUGS*

    • Joleene Naylor September 21, 2015 at 12:25 pm #

      I’m thinking I need to put headphones on, and put on music (Can;t write to Tv but I can to music – ha!) but I’m afraid of upsetting the father – he’ll look over now and then to see if I’m watching the show and if not he’ll say “Did you see that?” or “you’re missing such-and-such”. So it’s obvious he wants someone to watch it with him. I keep telling myself we moved here for the people and that I can always write later, but he’s 76 and I may not eb able to watch movies with him later… the mental reply is, of course, “how do you know? you might die tomorrow and then your book never got done! how would that look?” and it goes on and on and on and… 😉

      • Juli Hoffman September 22, 2015 at 6:13 am #

        Just try for one sentence per day. Sneak it in where you can. If one sentence leads to 100 or 1000, that’s great. If not, at least you’re still writing, and with such a low goals, you don’t have to feel guilty if one sentence is all you can manage. I’ve written more than I have in YEARS by having a one sentence per day goal. I wish I had done this years ago.

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