Dress 91

3 Nov

Trying to format a book but since thee’s a cat on me, it’s difficult, so I thought I’d stop and post this while I waited for her to get bored and leave.

It’s the last of the jammies – with smexy Thane! (You can get him here).

Here’s the pin it’s based on.

Click for full size, then right click and save as

I mentioned that I was looking at other paper dolls the other day, and  noticed one of the big differences between mine and other people’s are the black outlines. Most other dolls seem to have colored lines. I’ve been toying with making a doll with the colored lines vs the black ones – and also taking stock of who has how many clothes and putting some of the more prolific outfitters on hold for awhile. What do you think? Anyone? And if I DID a new doll, what should her name be? Candy?

Anyway, the cat is still here but she;s settled lower so maybe I can get back to work.

Happy paperdolling!



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