Dress 93

11 May

Yeah, I’m back for no reason.

I got a tablet for Christmas – not that you’d know that since it’s May and I haven’t been here since then. Counting tonight I think I’ve played with it six or seven times. I have the same problem with it that i had with the last one – the jittery lines. I googled what to do about ti and the suggestions are to zoom in. Wow. Friggin’ helpful.

But for some reason at 2 a.m. I decided to give it another go with a simple dress. Of course the first thing that happened was i had to reinstall it – for some reason the laptop “looses” the drivers all the time (this is apparently a common problem because i found instructions on how to make it work again online) so I reinstalled the drivers (which I’ll probably have to do next time I go to use it too) and I got started. At 3:30 I gave up drawing and used vector lines. Maybe they’re better suited to the sweeping lines of the dress, anyway.

So, this is a dress for Ethne (you can get the doll here)

Here’s the pin it’s based on.

dress 93B

click for full size, then right click and save as

I actually made a new doll in January that i have never uploaded – it was the first successful thing I did with the tablet. I don’t know, I just can’t DRAW with it. Trace, yes, but not DRAW. Ugh.

As for this dress, it’s not worth the two hours it took IMHO. But then maybe someone else will love it. One never knows.

And now it’s after four a.m. so I’m going to bed.

Happy paperdolling!






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