I usually draw my dolls with black lines, even though the standard seems to be colored lines in a slightly darker shade than the color of the outfit or doll, so I thought since I am using my tablet now I’d try one in a more traditional style (aka without the black lines).

Like many of the other dolls, Cherry is part of my Pinterest Doll project, meaning all of her outfits are modeled after something I- or my mom – found  pinned on Pinterest. If you want to come join me there, you can find me at

Click the pictures for the full size image, then right click and save as. You should print these one image per page. The dolls work best if you print them on card stock or else glue the paper to cardboard and cut out.

Cherry Paper Doll by Joleene Naylor

Feel free to share her, print her, and do anything you want except sell her or claim her as your own work.

Happy paper dolling!


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