The Info

The doll(s) and clothes are free for you to download, distribute, give away, print, play with, make clothes for, and otherwise enjoy. I only ask that you don’t claim them as your own work, and that you don’t sell them.

To Download:

Click the image to see the full sized view, then right click and Save As. Dolls should be printed on card stock or else glued to cardboard (like part of a cereal box) to prevent tearing. Clothes can be printed on either card stock or regular paper.

All artwork is copyright Joleene Naylor except vintage thumbnails which are used for the purpose of comparison to the original design and copyright their original owners. No infringement is intended by their use.


What’s this Vintage/Tablet thing?

In 2010 I bought a tablet for my pc, and in an effort to learn it I drew some pretty simple outfits; one a day, based on vintage clothes from old paper doll sets. The tablet died and I didn’t buy a new one (You can see how well learning it worked.) The vintage clothes are for doll 1: Rain.

What’s the Pinterest Project?

My new project is to draw an outfit a day for someone – it’s going to vary who – based on a random outfit I find on Pinterest. Why? Because I seem to be subbed to a lot of clothes, and I thought I should put them to good use. Plus it sounds like fun. I’m not using a tablet this time, just a good old fashioned pencil, a scanner and my Paint Shop Pro – or I wasn’t. But for Christmas 2016 hubby bought me a new tablet so I’m giving it a go again.


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